I recently bought an organic cotton knit top from Eurotrash, a great new boutique, in Carytown. I have honestly never worn softer cotton. This semester I am taking a textiles class and am finally learning something in college. This class has really peaked my interest in eco-friendly products. Beforehand, I was already very much into the green trend and bought some organic foods, got a canvas grocery bag, and became very aware of the increasingly damaged world around me. So when I was in Eurotrash and saw a few lines that featured organic cotton, soybean and bamboo fibers, I was really excited.

My knit top is made by a brand called Covet. They are a company based in Canada that focuses on using only natural fibers, especially those that can reduce wasted resources. Even though natural fibers sound great already, many of them harm the earth just as much, if not more, than manufactured fibers. Covet’s website promotes the use regenerated soybean fibers that improve luster, comfort, and drape, as well as regenerated bamboo fibers that offer a luxuriously soft feel.

Not only is the fashion line eco-friendly, it’s cute too! Inspired by Japanese culture, the clothes are flirtatious, androgynous, and feminine all at the same time. They also sell menswear. And the price points aren’t so bad either. My knit top clocked in at around $60.


photo: Covet


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