Easter Seals

This semester one of my classes is helping to raise money for Easter Seals Virginia. The organization is throwing an adult black-tie Easter egg hunt called Eggstravangaza on March 8th at the Children’s Museum of Richmond. Our class was assigned the task of decorating two plastic Easter eggs to be hidden during the hunt. The eggs will be filled with prizes ranging from $25 cash up to $150. The event also features an open bar, buffet style dinner, and a live auction. Local artists will be auctioning off their work, and even more specially designed Easter eggs.

Easter Seals is a great organization that I had not heard about until this year. They focus on providing services and help to those with disabilities and special needs. Through Easter Seals these families have the opportunity to live like any other family in their community.

I made my eggs for the hunt based on traditional Easter animals. I have barely any talent for creating things with my hands, so it was pretty difficult for me! Anyway, using spray paint, cotton balls, ribbon, and some other items, here is what I created!


Creepy? Or cute? I cannot tell.


3 thoughts on “Easter Seals

  1. Hi Julia!
    I am on the Eggstravaganza committee and have been for the past few years. You are awesome to note this cause on your site and hey!….your eggs look great! Thanks for your support. My husband and I are both VCU alum and it feels good to see VCU giving back to the community. I vote for “cute” for your eggs! Best wishes for a great school year.


  2. Dear Julia,

    Our event was last night and we had a “sold out crowd”! All of the eggs looked great….one of my friends found the egg that you decorated with the cotton balls. My husbands egg contained one of the Faberge egg pendants, and my egg had one of the cash prizes of $25. So I bought the pendant from him for $25…what a deal! Style Magazine and the Richmond Times-Dispatch were both there taking photos, so keep an eye out for some photos over the next few weeks. Also, if you would like to join our committee for next year, let me know. We need some young creative types!




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