Keep the Lights On!

Friday Night Lights is easily my favorite television show. It’s moving, well acted, shot beautifully…the list goes on and on. I can talk about the show for hours on end. But, I will not be able to if it does not come back this Fall. NBC has already decided not to start production again since the writers strike has ended. This leaves fans wondering if it is even coming back for a third season ever. And the last show written was hardly a series finale. So, my friends, we must hang on to hope.

Thanks to VH1’s Best Week Ever, our spirits have been lifted. They are challenging true FNL’s fans to keep the show alive by sending NBC’s Ben Silverman as many lightbulbs as possible to in fact, “keep the lights on”. And it doesn’t even matter if the bulbs are still intact as broken glass might send a more threatening message.

Best Week Ever has also created some pretty hideous and obnoxious (although they get the point across) banners at the Dillon Panther Booster Club site.
Keep the Lights On!  Sign the Petition!  Friday Night Lights

This one being my personal favorite:

What Would Riggins Do?  Save Friday Night Lights!  Sign the Petition!

I really do hope NBC doesn’t decide to can the show. It deserves to at least have a 3rd season where it can finish up its storylines. One thing it definitely does not deserve is to be replaced by a game show called Amnesia. I mean really.


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