Marion Cotillard in Gaultier

After quickly surveying the Oscar fashion choices last night, it was quite clear who was the best dressed.  I, and many others believe the honors belong to Best Actress, Marion Cotillard.


photo: Fabsugar

The dress was simply stunning. Jean Paul Gaultier couture at his best. Now, I do understand fish-scales might not be for everyone, but it suits Marion well.  She resembles an ethereal mermaid rather than a dying sardine. Because we all know, Katherine Heigl would end up the latter. But her and her overplayed “old Hollywood glamour” stories are for another day.

What I truly loved about the dress is its detail of course. How the scales grow larger at the base of the dress…the crisscrossed back, the simple off-white, the gold threading, and how it hugs every curve perfectly. I love that Marion was an individual. She stayed away from the many red dresses, and from the trendy feather trims. And she accessorized so well. A simple, long gold chain.  Her hair loosely curled to one side.  She looked effortless.

I had all but forgotten how much I loved this dress the first time I saw it a couple weeks back from the Paris Spring 2008 Couture shows.  Gaultier’s entire show was incredible with its sailor meets mermaid overtones.


photo: Style

I was just happy to see an exciting gown that did not scream “over-the-top” or “look at me”. Gaultier’s gown was unique, slightly risky, but done oh so well.



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