Spicy Brown and Tofu Robots

I eat tofu pretty regularly. In my mind it is a perfect snack, straight out of the carton dipped in a little Thai peanut sauce. I can eat it every which way and be completely satisfied. But that doesn’t make me a vegetarian. I enjoy all meats too! And while I wouldn’t want a toy prime rib…I would consider purchasing one of Spicy Brown’s Tofu Robots.

Spicy Brown is a company that specializes in manufacturing mens, womens, and kids clothing and accessories. Most of their designs feature graphics of soy friendly products and cutesy looking characters. Collection names include, Yesterdeer, Miso Soy, and Sushi Neko. My personal favorite of course: Tofu Robot. Not into soft tofu? No problem. Go ahead and grab the extra firm or medium variety! Spicy Brown has prepared their Robot’s in 3 different packaging options.


photo: Spicy Brown

The robot is on an array of products, but I prefer the toy itself.

I just think it’s a great, silly way to express my love for the squishy chow!

Next stop for Spicy Brown: The 48th Annual Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival in Washington D.C. on April 12th.

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