The Tooth Fairy

I don’t know if it is because I “loved” pro-wrestling as a kid just to keep up with my big brother, or if it’s the fact that my boyfriend and his best friend still ram it down my throat, but there is just something special about The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson.

Many pro-wrestlers make an attempt to cross over into Hollywood (Stone Cold, Kane, John Cena), but rarely is one so successful. In all honesty, I assumed Johnson would have been chewed up and spit out of the industry by now. But with numerous box office hits including his most recent work, The Game Plan, the man is not going anywhere! He’s worked with everyone from John Travolta in Be Cool, to Steve Carell and Bill Murray in the upcoming Get Smart. Johnson even presented an award at the Academy Awards this past February. It’s obvious he is well-received, and I for one, am happy for it.


photo: GameTimeWorkouts

Johnson also began the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, a charity dedicated to at-risk and terminally ill children. The foundation offers several programs designed to enrich the lives of these children. Additionally, the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation enables other children to follow a healthy lifestyle by participating in the National Children’s Fitness Challenge.

His next project? The Tooth Fairy directed by Michael Lembeck of The Santa Clause. Johnson was cast as a man who’s brought in to try to save the tooth fairy kingdom. Not only that, he actually is the tooth fairy. Kid comedies are not exactly my kind of movie, but I might have to check it out anyway!


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