Dame Vivienne Westwood’s Eco Warriors

After seeing videos and photographs from Westwood’s Red Label London show, I was slightly disappointed by its subdued nature. Where was the fanatical, innovative, politically driven, three time British Designer of the Year winner I have so fondly followed through the years? Well, apparently she was waiting to re-emerge in Paris with a thunderous and eccentric production.

Known for routinely having doodles and scribble-like markings on her garments, Westwood decided to enlist the help of young students from the Portland School in Nottingham.The lucky children hand painted the pieces to resemble their ideas of eco-warriors battling the devastation of a deteriorating planet. Westwood got her political statement, and the children got a free ticket to Paris.






photos: Style

The show itself seemed like walking through Where the Wild Things Are. Stilt walkers, a jungle inspired stage, and make-up resembling war paint made for a fantasy more so than a typical fashion show. What I truly loved the most was Westwood’s use of models from a variety of cultures and ethnicity. Designers were under fire last year for their model’s weight, and now this year for their skin tone. In an industry dominated by white faces, it was fabulous to see such diversity. Highlighting the runway was Han Jin, Hollis Wakeema, Honorine Uwera, Ajuma Nasanyana, Mia Niara, and Sessilee Lopez.

I could definitely see myself wearing some of these garments for every day wear. They are fun, unique, and give off a feel-good vibe.

For now, I can rest easy knowing the Dame has yet to lose her spark.



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