Spore Meets YouTube

For a while now I have been anticipating the release of the video game, Spore, straight from the mastermind behind The Sims, Will Wright. The game takes its players on a journey through life beginning with its smallest form at a microscopic level. As time goes on, players move through different phases of evolution including tribal times and advanced civilizations. Finally, players continue on to a space phase and can conquer new solar systems and neighboring planets.

Spore is extremely open-ended and players can control much of their organism’s development. A character’s emotional and physical state can alter how it moves into and reacts in the other phases of the game. Wright included a touch of life simulation aspects into the game as well as real-time strategy.




photos: IGN

Recently, Spore added to its innovative technologies by joining with YouTube. Through a Spore YouTube channel, gamers will be able to upload and share their creatures along with accompanying videos from their experiences. Not only will the Spore creature generator be featured in the main game, it will also be available a free download for PC’s. This way, the YouTube channel for Spore is not limited to only those who actually own the game. Anyone will be able to create and manipulate their own creatures.

For example:

This product assimilation would not have been possible without the release of YouTube’s Data API. This function has also made it possible to create web front ends for specific video viewing, to add video content to an individual website, and to customize personal Flash players. The Data API facilitates mass customization of video content for users all over the globe.

Spore will be released on September 7th, 2008!

Source: GoogleBlog



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