Vampire Weekend

I may be slightly late on discovering Vampire Weekend as a musical gem, but I couldn’t resist posting anyway. The quartet, who hails from New York City, has already been named the Best New Band of 2008 by Spin and graced the cover, performed on Saturday Night Live, and was featured in the Top 100 Songs of 2007 issue of Rolling Stone. Not to mention, the cover of Spin was shot before their debut album was even released! Vampire Weekend rose to popularity simply through blogs and is quickly becoming a phenomenon. Their unique afro-pop sound enchants listeners and offers a new fresh vibe that is easy to move to.


photo: VampireWeekendMySpace

Currently, the band is on tour with The Walkmen (another personal favorite) all across America.

My favorite song off the album at the moment (it switches daily) is A-Punk. The song is incredibly addictive and its video is equally stimulating. Simple and quirky, it follows the band while they dance around, bang on drums, play their other instruments, make their way through rain and eventually into the sea. Not exactly thought-provoking or deep in any way, but sometimes eccentricity such as this can go a long way. See for yourself!

Vampire Weekend is an imaginative band in a world of copycats and imitations. I love the fact that this band has surprised me and exposed a bright, innovative sound.



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