360 Vodka

For a couple of years now, the green culture has expanded its forever growing movement by seeking sustainable products and packagings in the distilling industry. America’s oldest distillery, McCormick Distilling has recently unveiled a division called Earth Friendly Distilling Co. The distillery not only meets, but at times exceeds the EPA’s air and water quality standards.  In addition, the distillery’s production methods reduce harmful emissions by 99%. McCormick’s also states this process enables them to use 250% less fossil fuel energy.
As for their first product, Earth Friendly Distilling Co. has offered the ‘World’s first eco-friendly premium spirit’, 360 Vodka. The luxury spirit is packaged in a bottle made from 85% recycled glass, highlights a glass blown 360 logo, has a New Leaf 100% post consumer waste paper label, and utilizes water-based inks instead of the mainstream petroleum-based inks consumed for printing purposes. Possibly the best part of 360 Vodka’s packaging is its additional postage paid envelope attached to the bottleneck so consumers can return the bottle’s flip top for recycling purposes. On top of all that eco-friendly goodness, McCormick Distilling has promised to donate $20 from the sale of each case of 360 Vodka in Florida to the Coastal Conservation Association. This Floridian nonprofit marine conservation organization protects all marine resources available in the state.


Photo: 360Vodka 

However, as noted on Inhabitat.com, green vodkas have already been around for awhile. In fact, 360 is not even made out  of entirely organic substances vodkas like Purus or VeeV are. 360 is simply made from regular American grain. However, any effort put forth into facilitating sustainable lifestyles should be recognized and held in high esteem.

Source: Inhabitat 


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