Help Rivers Cuomo Write a Song!

When I was in high school I basically worshiped Weezer. I was able to see them twice. Once at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia and another time at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. Each concert was equally magnificient. At the first concert they played mostly Green Album songs, and at the other they played coveted Pinkerton and Blue Album hits. Many of my friends/family may have noticed that I usually name every Internet account name I have as some variation of Pinkerton. Yes, I was obsessed, and using the name sort of stuck.

However, the point of this post is not about how I refer to myself as Pinkerton92 or Pinkytin7. The point is that Rivers Cuomo, front-man extraordinaire, has posted a YouTube video in which he beckons fans to help him write a new song. In fact, he’s actually posted a series of them. In the first video, he simply asks for song title suggestions, while in others he questions chords and melodies. In return, users and fans can post their own videos, demonstrating their ideas.

It has not been determined where Rivers will go with these ideas, how he will choose, and what he will use this inspired new song for. Yet, I absolutely love this idea. Never before have fans been able to connect with an artist on such a personal level with actual input.

Artists are popping up all over the place with new innovative marketing and distribution techniques through use of technology. recently compared the revolutionary promotion strategists Radiohead and Trent Reznor. Both have made headlines surrounding their original methods, and one-sided smack-talk (Tsk, tsk Trent). Dolly Parton has even gotten in the mix, self-releasing an album of her own. In this time of advancement, technology, and do it yourself attitudes, who needs a record label anymore?

The bottom line today: These new Rivers videos may have brought me back into Weezer obsession mode. It’s kind of odd to see Rivers being so talkative and open. But of course it makes sense. The good old recluse, turning to technology to communicate without actually having to really deal with people. I can appreciate that.

Sources: Reznor vs. Radiohead: Innovation Smackdown Frontman Taps YouTubers to Write New Tune Dolly Parton Proves Self-Released Albums Aren’t Just For Radiohead and Reznor


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