Buy Your Friend a Belvedere

Belvedere Vodka has just launched a new program that offers customers a chance to buy their friends a drink without actually having to go to a bar. Users simply go to and purchase a drink. A drink coupon is then sent to its recipient by mail, email, or even text. The recipient then goes to a participating bar or restaurant, and gives the text code or coupon to the bartender. Afterwards, of course, the recipient gets the free drink! You can even buy a bottle at certain locations.


photo: BuyYourFriendaBelvedere 

I think this idea is absolutely great for those who have friends or loved ones all across the country. If you know they had a bad day, or just want to say hi with a gift, is a great way to keep in touch.

Bars participate in this promotion all over the country. You can also enroll your bar or restaurant straight through the website. Participating bars in the Washington D.C. area include McFadden’s, Mr. Smith’s, and coming soon…Mie N Yu! (I absolutely LOVE that restaurant.) In fact, how about someone buys me a drink at Mie N Yu, and a nice dinner gift certificate? It’s been a tough semester!



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