The Venture Bros: Season 3 and Kidrobot Figures!

The Venture Bros. Season 3 begins June 1st! A perfect way to start the summer. However, with Comcast moving Cartoon Network to only digital cable, I have not yet figured out how I will see these long awaited new episodes.

Next Thursday the 17th, while I am turning in the Retail Buying project of the century, the Venture crew (creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer) will be heading to the New York Kidrobot Pirate store to celebrate the release of mini-figurines. The creators, along with some other AdultSwim members will be signing autographs and participating in DVD giveaways. Among the Venture Bros. figurines are Dr. Girlfriend and the Monarch. I personally wish they made Hank and Dean because I might have actually bought those.

The figurines are not on sale until that day, but here is a sneak peak of some of the AdultSwim sets, including one with Dr. Girlfriend. I also included a shot of the Murderface figure from Metalocalyspe simply because I like it!

photos: Kidrobot

I really wish I could be in New York next week to meet and greet the guys, but I’ll just have to stick to watching my season 1 and 2 DVDs.

EDIT: Here is a link to more AdultSwim figurine pictures along with some great shots of the Monarch.


2 thoughts on “The Venture Bros: Season 3 and Kidrobot Figures!

  1. I don’t think they are making any more Venture figs…just Dr. Girlfriend and the Monarch. But I suppose if they sell well, we might see more in the future. I posted a link to some Monarch figure pictures above!



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