Hollywood Going Anime??

According to USA Today, Steven Spielberg will be bringing us a 3D Ghost in the Shell, M. Night Shyamalan will be working on his own adaptation of The Last Airbender, an anime-inspired Nickelodeon series, and Leonardo DiCaprio hopes to produce two films based on the all glorious, forever inspiring, Akira.


I am the most hopeful about DiCaprio’s Akira, as it is one of my favorite anime movies of all time. (It used to terrify me when I first saw it, but I finally got over that.) For those who don’t know, the manga was set in Neo-Tokyo, a city rebuilt after being destroyed in a mysterious explosion.  Anime News Network states that the first live-action film is scheduled for release in the summer of 2009.  Why the story’s setting is being moved to a “New Manhattan” remains to be seen. Personally, I think that defeats the purpose of bringing a true anime to life. Why not stick to the culture, and really embody Tokyo’s madness for manga and the art of anime? Hopefully I will be able to overlook the setting detail. However, if Leonardo is hoping to act in the movies as would be true to the rumors…then I suppose I will not be getting the realistic interpretation that I would prefer.

source: AnimeNewsNetwork, Wired

2 thoughts on “Hollywood Going Anime??

  1. I’m really excited/scared/anxious about all of these movies. I’ve been looking forward to the Avatar and Dragonball adaptations for awhile now, but Akira is news to me. I think it would be very easy to screw Akira up, but I have hope.

    PS: I love this blog so much =))


  2. I totally agree with the mixed feelings. But at least the studios are taking notice and trying to interpret the stories. My only fear is for the day someone tries to make a live-action Miyazaki film. Those should be left untouched!

    Thanks for the compliment!



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