Yves Saint Laurent: The Passing of a Fashion Icon

Yves Saint Laurent, leader of the Left Bank Movement, creator of the infamous Le Smoking, and all around fashion icon, died Sunday night of a longtime illness. The Algerian designer began his career working for the legendary Christian Dior. While it was Christian himself who revitalized the 1950’s with the “new look”, it was Saint Laurent who, under the guise of the Dior house, popularized the a-line silhouette. On his own, Yves Saint Laurent challenged the traditional couture industry and promoted the rapidly developing ready-to-wear society. Known for tuxedo suits, safari jackets, trapeze-like dresses, and his recreation of Mondrian’s Composition with Yellow, Blue, and Red, Yves Saint Laurent was truly ahead of his time.

It is difficult to watch as the most celebrated designers of the twentieth century pass on. However, their houses will continue to live on and find inspiration through original designs and visions.

Yves Saint Laurent retired from the fashion industry in 2002 and spent his last days in his home in Morocco. I can only hope that he found his last years peaceful. Saint Laurent left his mark on the fashion world, and will never be forgotten.

Source: CNN

Photo: YouWishYouLookedThisGood


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