Nintendo DS versus the iPhone

Not only is Apple developing its own “wiimote” for use with Apple TV, it seems that their iPhone is becoming steep competition for the DS. Apparently on Monday, Steve Jobs will announce a rumored iPhone feature called the App Store. Said store will allow users to download software, including games, wirelessly and effortlessly. Super Monkey Ball has already demoed for the iPhone and the highly anticipated Spore will be available as well.

However, the DS already has a loyal following, and is much more affordable than the iPhone. It’ll be a while before Apple can truly takeover the handheld gaming industry. I just wish I could somehow replace my older white DS Lite for that new lime green that will be released in Europe!

Sources: Engadget, Forbes

Photos: Engadget, Macnn


2 thoughts on “Nintendo DS versus the iPhone

  1. I’m a huge Apple fan, and I’m likely to get the 2nd gen iPhone, but I think it’s a little early to compare the iPhone-as-gaming-device with the DS.

    The DS was created as an entertainment system. The iPhone is a software platform that happens to be capable of running games. I think Apple’s focus is elsewhere other than gaming, and Nintendo has such a fanbase/brand identity as a gaming company that I don’t really think either device maker is really concerned with overlap.

    Just some thoughts.


  2. I understand what you are saying. And we all know Destructoid feels the same way. However, I can also agree with what Forbes is saying. Over time, Apple could find a whole new generation of gamers through their products. As far as the mass consumer society is concerned, Apple is trendier, and hipper than even Nintendo. If Apple fans discover their gaming potential through the iPhone, over time the DS may have some competition.

    Personally, I love the DS. But I’d also like to have everything I need in one easy gadget. If I could have a phone, the internet, and a gaming console in the palm of my hand, I’d make the switch.



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