Etro- Menswear Spring 2009

The Italian fashion house, Etro, recently showed their Spring 2009 menswear collection. The pieces illustrated a balance between the ethnic inspired and traditional silhouettes. Each outfit featured luxurious fabrics mixed with bold colors and prints. Etro’s collection proved just how exciting menswear can be. These garments, unique and chic, were not over the top and I could really see certain pieces in every day wear. Menswear is quite intriguing. I am always wondering why more men don’t dress with runway influence. The average man should have a little fun with his wardrobe and Etro is a great place to get some new ideas. It’s nice to take a break from womens wear for a little bit and see what is going on with the other half. I just wish I could convince the men in my family and my significant other to own these looks!

On another note: the clothing also really reminded me of The Darjeeling Limited. I could totally picture Adrian Brody strutting around in the entire Etro collection.

A few highlights/my favorite parts of the show:

Paisley tattoos!

An older model…he looks fabulous.

Bright rusts, coppers and oranges.


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