Momiji Dolls

Even though I am now supposed to act like an adult…I am still an avid fan of all things cute. And when that cuteness is combined with Japanese culture I am all the more excited. I recently stumbled upon Momiji, a small company with an array of adorable products. Momiji carries a collection of dolls, housewares and bath treats. Their dolls are known as Momiji, Japanese for message dolls, the housewares are known as Zakka, Japanese for bits and bobs, and the bath products are Senjou which means washing in Japanese.

The company hosted a creative lifestyle photography competition with Chelsea College of Art and Design. Here are some pictures of what the winners came up with. So great!

Take a look for yourself at Momiji’s website and browse the wonderful collections.

I absolutely love these little dolls and want to start collecting as soon as possible!

Source: Momiji

Photos: Momiji


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