Thom Browne Floods Washington D.C.

While most find Thom Browne’s flood trousers a unique, odd, and even ugly, I really enjoy the look.  As I’ve stated before,  men should have more fun with their wardrobes. Thom Browne enables men to embrace their masculinity and their inner geek.  Known for his flood pants, Browne also incorporates skinny lapels into his collections.  In Fall 2007, Browne collaborated with Brooks Brothers to design their Black Fleece collection.

Thom Browne Fall 2008

Thom Browne for the Black Fleece Collection

Last night, the winners of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards ventured to the White House to be greeted by Laura Bush.  Apparently many stared as Browne entered the party in his signature cropped pants. I think it is fabulous he is pushing his designs. What better way to practice what you preach? And according to the Wall Street Journal other men are beginning to follow suit.  Victor Holguin, a New York real estate broker, stated that wearing the cropped pants “feels lighter, a lot more fashionable and fun.”

I hope more men follow in Browne’s footsteps and get a little courageous this Fall.

Sources: WSJ, WWD

Photos: WSJ, Brooks Brothers



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