Essential 1800

1800 Tequila is currently running a promotion in which they emphasize that art is essential. At, users can design their own bottle to enter a contest to win $10,000 and the chance to appear in a national advertising campaign. In the future, users will also have the chance to design their own shoes with 1800 artwork.

I entered about five pieces which can be voted on at the website!

Here are some of the favorites that I entered:

They are either original photographs I took and manipulated in Photoshop, or oil paintings from a few years ago.

Even if I don’t win the contest, I can order one of my bottles for $475! I appreciate the offer 1800, but I might just have to pass on it…

1800 Tequila also has their own “essential artists” whose artwork are displayed across the country on selected billboards.

My favorite is the work of Dosa Kim, whose work is centered in Atlanta.

I really am liking this promotion and the fact that is it being brought to us by one of my favorite tequilas doesn’t hurt!

Source: 1800 Tequila


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