Dead Space

Dead Space, one of this Fall’s most anticipated video games, has truly enamored a captivated audience through its extensive marketing and promotion mix. Never before has a video game featured so much additional content! The creators of Dead Space have developed an alternate universe where gamers can feel and learn the depth of the characters, the past, present and future of the story, and of course have sleepless nights.

I first learned of Dead Space through the eerie “Lullaby” trailer that was basically banned for its gruesome content.

After that, I was already on board to see more. Then I learned of six animated comics available for viewing on the internet. Through amazing artwork and some pretty fabulous voice acting, viewers learn the details of the story’s past, before the time the game takes off. Like the trailer, the animated comics are pretty scary, intense, and leave you wanting more. The comics really elaborate the story, beckoning viewers to become more involved. It’s less like violent entertainment and more like a learning experience. If the game’s story is anything as meaningful as the comics, then today’s modern gamer will be extremely satisfied. The creators will also release the comics in book form.  So far I have seen the first five, and am waiting for the sixth to come out.

Here is the first:

And then, when it seemed there was enough additional content to stir up excitement for the game’s release before Halloween, EA Games developed No Known Survivors, an online game to torment those who can barely wait. Gamers can create their own character, who opens the scene crying. Which is oh so creepy and sad. Like the comics, No Known Survivors leads you aboard the USG Ishimura and delves into the events that occur before the real Dead Space game begins. And I must say I was surprised by the quality of the graphics for a free online game. However, I can’t get past the first room because I am too scared of the sound effects. I highly suggest you give it a shot here.

I have not yet figured out how I am going to be able to play this game without losing my sleep. I am easily scared and this probably is not a good idea for me. But the story, and the careful crafting have really peaked my interest. I just might be able to do it, if I have a daylight only rule.

Source: Dead Space

Photo: GameGuru


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