Fashion Week Spring 2009

Friday marks the beginning of Fashion Week! I would much rather be parading around the tents than working on trivial last semester of college homework. But, alas, I am neither famous, nor rich, nor important enough to be invited. Maybe one day.
Until then, I will lurk the shows from home with the help of

This year I am looking forward to collections from a select few.

1. Charlotte Ronson (Showing Saturday at 11am)

Her designs embody an effortless beauty. They flow and fit perfectly around a woman’s curves or lack there of. Simple, chic, feminine yet with a definite edge.

From Spring 2008-

2. Nanette Lepore (Showing Wednesday at 11am)

Motivated by creativity, free will, and the liberated bohemian lifestyle. A fusion of romance and abstract art.

From Fall 2008-

3. Peter Som (Showing Monday at 11am)

A truly unique aesthetic. Eclectic and sophisticated. Som utilizes his diverse cultural and architectural knowledge to create subtly dignified garments. Young femininity mixed with womanly elegance.

From Resort 2009-

4. Thuy (Showing Sunday at 9pm)

Cleverly detailed perfection. A divine collaboration between femininity and masculinity. A tasteful palette of textiles and colors. Refined craftsmanship composing casual elegance.

From Fall 2008-

Despite the four above being my top favorites at the moment, I will have a fabulous time checking out all the other designer’s collections throughout the week. However, this heat wave doesn’t exactly have me thrilled for Spring and another Summer around its corner. I need winter!

Hopefully this coming week’s work will translate easily into the mass markets. I look forward to new innovations and styles to keep a fresh look.

Photos: NYMag,

5 thoughts on “Fashion Week Spring 2009

  1. check out the brian reyes collection when you have a moment. i was blown away by his new collection. sophisticated, feminine, and classic elegance all wrapped up in a undoubtedly fun package! i’m in love 🙂


  2. factorygirl…i’m in love with Brian Reyes. His show yesterday was amazing. I agree – the looks are all so feminine but with a trendy edge. Look #26 on is my favorite! Those shorts are adorable and the flowy top paired with the belt is fabulous!



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