Rodarte Spring 2009

The lovely Sasha Pivovarova opened Rodarte’s eclectic journey through time and space this past Tuesday at New York City’s fashion week. A palette beginning with subtle earthtones delicately evolved into harsher, dark, colors, ending with a vibrant explosion of purples, oranges and blues. The creations, uniquely illustrated in the midst of a white washed, somewhat shattered, industrialized set, reflected the Mulleavy sisters passion for landscape art. It was as though birds of paradise had become caught in a post apocalyptic world, breaking barriers between color and nothingness.

I was incredibly pleased, but not overly surprised, that the sisters were able to top their past collection. Rodarte has such an extraordinary ability to make whimsical fantasies a reality through dramatic structures combined with silk like movement. The duality of the lustrous fashions and the android-esque models is simply fascinating to experience. I am sure if I was actually in attendance I would have been awestruck, but at least the video is available for viewing here. Rodarte’s Spring collection will also be available for viewing during Northpark’s Fashion at the Park on Wednesday, October 15, in Dallas, Texas.



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