2008 Emmy Awards – Mad Men

While watching last night’s Cowboys versus Packers game, I frantically flipped channels during commercial breaks to sneak peeks at the 2008 Emmy awards show.  The only reason I was doing this, as the Emmys are usually particularly doomed, was to make sure Mad Men was winning.  I was disappointed but not surprised to see Jon Hamm miss out on Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.  I do love Brian Cranston, but he is no Don Draper.  However, at just the right moment, I switched over to see Mad Men take the gold at the end of the show. I was SO happy it won Outstanding Drama Series! Not to mention Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series. It is totally deserved and I cannot help gushing.  I am proud of and thankful for the cast/writers/producers/etc. for making such a relevant, remarkable, smart, and dynamic show.

I know January Jones is getting a lot of flack for her corseted, feathery, Dolce and Gabbana ensemble, but I must say, I thought she looked good in it. She appears to be so innocent and soft spoken, which only enhanced the grace of the dress. Sure, she may have looked like she belonged in a period piece, but it was romantic and a side that is rarely seen of Betty Draper. It was refreshing to see Jones step out of her role of a stifled housewife and show the world what she’s got.  I love how in this picture the dashing John Slattery is accidentally stepping on her dress. Nice one.

I just found out that I will have to wait another week for the latest Mad Men episode to show up on my iTunes. I wish they did not push the airing back for the Emmys, but I suppose it will just make the season last longer.

Photos: NYMag, SuperiorPics

One thought on “2008 Emmy Awards – Mad Men

  1. people are crazy, that d&g dress is spectacular. totally pinup betty page meets grecian goddess. and might i add that peggy is looking pretty slamming. showing the cleave.



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