Nintendo DSi

I just had to share…

From G4’s The Feed

“VideoGaming247 reports that the Nintendo DSi will be arriving in Europe next spring, while the North America release date is still “not confirmed”.

Following after months of speculations, Nintendo has confirmed that their latest evolution to their handheld portable system, the Nintendo DSi, will be arriving in Japan this November 1for 18,900 yen (around $180 USD) during their press conference in Japan.

The new enhanced DS will support the following features:

  • Larger 3.25 inch screen
  • Two cameras – 640×480 pixels (VGA) each – pictures are edited via touch screen
  • Enhanced audio
  • SD card slot, built-in memory, browser

Taking advantage of the extra memory inputs, the DSi will also feature the ability to download titles via the Nintendo Online store, using a Nintendo point system. Titles on the store will be either free or will cost 200 points up to 800 points. As a promotion, Nintendo will be granting 1000 Nintendo points to new DSi owners until 2010.

However, Nintendo has decided to remove the GBA cartridge slot but, the DSi is %12 smaller than the current handheld system.”

Well, I’ve had my DS for about 2 years now…I think maybe by the time the DSi hits North American, I can come up with an excuse to upgrade! Besides, with the announcement of Mario and Luigi 3 for the DS in 2009, it will make for quite a celebration.



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