Fable II

As cold weather approaches, I am looking forward to three things. 1. hot chocolate 2. cuddling on my couch 3. Fable II. And I intend to incorporate all three of these things into many an afternoon and night.  Peter Molyneux seems to have outdone himself with his lastest tale.  I was a huge, but rather late, fan of the first Fable game and cannot wait to see what is in store October 21 when the new title is released.  I am sure I will fully succumb to total nerd heaven and hibernate with my boyfriend’s Xbox 360 and LCD television.

In the lastest installment, the world of Albion has progressed 500 years and is in the midst of a sort of colonial era. Guns have arrived, but the large castles and fantastical elements still remain.  Of course, I am super excited because I get to choose to be a female in this game, and can do all sorts of geeky role play gaming things such as get married, have kids, have a little dog that follows me around, buy furniture, decorate and rent out houses.  Not to mention, your character changes from good to evil depending on the way you play the game. And your children follow suit. Many of the cut scenes are interactive and players can even just run away from them.

This game is perfectly epic and just the thing I need to be happy in my little apartment while Richmond gets windy and cold.


2 thoughts on “Fable II

  1. Three things I’m looking forward to in fall: 1. Pumpkin spice lattes, 2. Leaves changing, (3) Jeans and a sweatshirt.



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