Christina Koutsospyrou

It’s not that often I find an artist who surprises me. I feel that in this day and age, many artists are somewhat copycats (not always by their own fault, it is just that originality is so hard to come by).  I for one, like to pretend that I am Jackson Pollock’s long lost daughter who just happens to be more talented than him.

So when I came across Christina Koutsospyrou I wondered where she had been all my life. Her works are simply devastating. She has such an innovative eye and voice. Her pop-esque style and sketch inspired works make for sweet, sweet eye candy. I would absolutely LOVE to have many of her pieces hanging about my apartment. For now I will have to satisfy my needs with a simple desktop image.

Here are some of my favorites and check out the rest of her work here.

Also, you can buy some of her works and a lot of other great contemporary artists here.


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