Dior! Dior!

I honestly have never really gotten excited over Christian Dior’s past and usually present and future.  Until, however, they scooped up the lovely, glowing, exquisitely perfect, Marion Cotillard to portray the brand’s Lady Dior.  And then with the debut of Sofia Coppola’s commercial for Miss Dior Cherie! Maryna Linchuk, (adorable with those blue eyes!) wears the clothes well and despite never really being a Brigitte Bardot fan, I can’t seem to get Moi, Je Joue out of my head. Perhaps Dior finally has concocted an expert recipe of tradition, pretty colors, even prettier women I can pretend to be, and innovative art direction (on Coppola’s part; apparently Peter Lindbergh loves Photoshop?).



I must say, despite my favor for Cotillard, I am partial to Linchuk’s ad. But I suppose that is how it is supposed to be. I just can’t quite grow up yet.

I will post the commercial as soon as someone else does!

Source: TheCut

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