Brandon Flowers On How to Buy a Tux

Mmk so I seem to be on a slight Killers kick lately. But, I made a pit-stop at my sister’s house on the way home for Thanksgiving and was leafing through her husband’s GQ. Low and behold, what do I find!? An amazing spread that not only highlights some awesome tuxes, but also features the dashing Mr. Flowers. This was just too much for me to handle, what with John Hamm in this month’s Vogue and all. Is the print industry trying to make my head explode!? I have not nearly enough wall space to glorify these pages. Basically, my current obsession has now been fueled to last until at least Christmas.

I’ll try to keep the gushing to a minimum here, but seriously look at these pictures. There is just something so surreal to me about a perfectly tailored suit. And this article really does give some good tips; I might have to pass it on to the significant other.





Check out more photos and the article here.

Photos: GQ



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