Pepsi Max Commits Suicide

Pepsi, in collaboration with BBDO Dusseldorf, recently released print ads that feature a solitary calorie committing suicide in various violent ways with the copy, “”Pepsi Max. One very lonely calorie.”

Now, while I understand this might be pushing it a little too far, and might really offend/upset some folks…it also is really quite hilarious.  I find it hard, especially how times are now, to take everything so seriously. If people could just get passed the taboo subject and see the ads for what they are (a calorie is committing suicide here…a calorie…) they might just laugh a little.

Pepsi has already been asked to pull the ads due to rampant message board comments and whatnot. I think that Pepsi, while being somewhat insensitive, should get some credit for taking a risk and demanding some attention.

I still prefer Coke products, however.


Photo: Yumsugar


One thought on “Pepsi Max Commits Suicide

  1. i saw these also!

    the illustration is great, but the idea to me does not really sell pepsi (only solidifies there is one lone calorie), and thats supposed to be the objective of an ad, to sell something.

    it doesn’t make me want to buy pepsi max (not that i would anyways), but i will definitely remember it.



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