Spring 2009 Campaigns

The new year brings the release of many Spring fashion campaigns and here are my two favorites so far.

I love Nastia Luikin’s pose here. I normally cannot stand athletes in fashion-related spreads…but I must say this is really elegant. However, I think it works because we can’t see her face. Don’t get me wrong, I love good old golden Nastia, she is fabulous, I just want models in the campaigns. I’m traditional like that. But only Nasty could hit that so well! I haven’t seen the other shots, but this one is a keeper. Bravo to BCBG.


Now for H&M. I really never get too excited about their campaigns at all. Most of the time the clothes featured I can never find at the store when I want them. BUT, when Coco Rocha is in front and center I could care less about all that. Hurrah for Coco! I have not been this obsessed with a model since Jessica Stam.



Others noteworthy of mention: Balenciaga (Of course! Who doesn’t like the robot inspired?) and Louis Vuitton (No, I do not like Madonna. Gross.)

Photos: BCBG, H&M

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