Cowboy Bebop


So I have been waiting, waiting, waiting to find out who would be cast in the highly anticipated (well, at least by me and millions of anime nerds around the world)  Cowboy Bebop live action film. And what do I find out today? They’ve gone and cast Keanu Reeves as Spike. Just fabulous. The movie is ruined. Now, I appreciate what Mr. Reeves has done for the movie, I mean he did basically get it going and what not. However, it might have been smarter to go with someone else. I would love to produce the movie and be cast as Faye Valentine, but obviously I DO NOT FIT THE PART. Ahhh, alright, I am just be ranting and raving. Who knows, maybe he will deliver. I’ve liked him in some roles and I am not ashamed to admit it. But Spike. Ah. He does not deserve to be tainted.

Source: TheFeed

Photo: BestAnimePictures

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