Fallout 3


As a huge fan of Fallout 3, a game with which I spent probably (easily) 70+ hours playing, I am always looking for other enthusiasts who share my passion and fervor for the innovative multi-platform title. Today Wired posted a review and while it might seem a bit late to do so (The game has been out since October or November, I cannot remember as Fall releases tend to blur in my mind) I still enjoyed reading about writer Clive Thompson’s experience. His was very much like my own. What makes Fallout 3 different from any other game is that, in truth, it is nothing fantastical.  Rather, it is shockingly real, sad, and distressing. Especially for those who have grown up in and are familiar with the D.C.  metropolitan area. The game hits home and not only exposes all the fears one might have in the vicinity of a potential blast area, but brings them to life. Oh Bethesda Softworks, you truly know how to blur the lines between gaming, virtual reality, and reality.

Check out the review here.

Photo: Gamespot



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