McQueen and Blythe Target Ads

Despite lackluster reviews when the first images from McQueen’s Go International line at Target were revealed a couple of weeks ago, I was still excited for two reasons. The first is, no matter what, I will find something just in case I  never actually own his designs in the future. The second reason being for the fact that anyone who skips over models and uses dolls is quite cost effective and I like that. But these are not just any dolls. If you are anything like me, you already know about and have heard of, and are gushing, and have been eagerly awaiting the Blythe doll ads. Even though these dolls used to give me nightmares, they still have always been so enchanting, and eerily stylish. Sort of like McQueen’s work. The dolls were only made in 1972 and had eyes that changed color (from green to pink to blue to orange!) when a string attached to the back of the head was pulled. Click here for the full history. This week, ad samples have been leaking and have been seen around New York City. It was probably a good call to use the blue eyes, as orange might have been a bit much for the mainstream Target customers. Nevertheless, the doll works perfectly with McQueen’s designs. Applause for McQueen and the Blythe Rescue Mission for such a clever collaboration that will have quite a cult following for seasons to come. The clothes hit stores on March 4th, nationwide.


On a sidenote: some of my favorite Blythe pictures have been taken by Eisley’s own Sherri DuPree. She has such an artistic vision with all of her works, but she’s also done some really creative shots with Blythe dolls. Click here to see!

Photo: TeamSugar


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