BioShock 2

As I have stated before, when it comes to some video games, I simply cannot play them because I am easily frightened. However, it does not mean that I cannot  obsess about the games and then watch others play them. Because that is exactly what I do. BioShock was and is definitely one of those games for me. It is just too intense for my already high anxiety about dark corners and loud, eerie sounds. While watching the game I instantly fell in love with the surroundings of Rapture and the 1960’s era. The story was surprising and kept me on my toes. Naturally, I was excited when the announcement of a BioShock 2 came last year.

It came to my attention today that a viral site was set up for the upcoming November/December release. The site, called, features a map with several photographs and newspaper clippings. Basically there is just enough information to rouse curiousity with no actual answers. My reaction? Immediately hooked. Do I need to mention the picture of the creepy little rag doll thing with the screw type hand? Can we say nightmares? (Yes it is that easy for me.) Anywho, I am trying my best to not read any of the rumors surfacing about the game because I really just want to go in blindly and see where it takes me. All I know is there is now a “Big Sister” and that the game has obviously gone beyond Rapture.

Here’s a teaser from last October for your viewing pleasure…

2 thoughts on “BioShock 2

  1. You should check out it’s probably the most complete Bioshock site. Not to nitpick but they dropped “Sea of Dreams” from the title.



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