Crowded Teeth

For about a year now I have been a follower of graphic designer Michelle Romo. She is a brilliantly talented illustrator of all things cute and whimsical. I originally heard of her through a project she called “the 25 project”. Romo basically did a project a day for the entire 25th year of her life. I eagerly awaited each update on her blog to see what she was working on and wished I could be as creative. Luckily, Romo has opened an store on her website and has begun to sell products through Hot Topic, PQ2, and Loungefly. I absolutely need to get my hands on those greeting cards designed for PQ2. Another amazing aspect to Romo’s portfolio is the 2008 Crowded Teeth Style Guide. Seriously, check it out. Deliriously adorable.

Here are a few samples of Romo’s work. But please check out her entire portfolio here and support such a great artist!


PQ2 Greeting Cards


Style Guide Excerpt

Photos/Artwork: Michelle Romo



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