Outer South


Conor Oberst will be releasing his second album with the Mystic Valley Band on May 5. This could not come at a more perfect time. I was just rummaging through my old Bright Eyes albums trying to find something I haven’t heard in a while, since I have played the debut album from the Mystic Valley Band practically to death. After previewing the two tracks posted on the band’s site (Slowly and Nikorette) I am pretty sure I will not be disappointed. That said, I don’t think I could actually ever let myself be disappointed by Oberst. (Bias much?) I remember the band playing Nikorette at the concert I saw in Richmond last November and it got a pretty good response from the crowd. Download it here for free. However, the new album and all that is not the most exciting thing to come from Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band this year. “One of My Kind”, a documentary that will be released on April 15th is a behind-the-scenes look at the band’s journey in the past year or so.  I would totally pay for something like this and as soon as I heard about it I tried to pre-order, but lucky for me it will air free on Causecast.org, IFC.com, conoroberst.commergerecords.com, and wichita-recordings.com.


Watch the trailer here!

Photos: ConorOberst.com



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