Yelle “Ce Jeu”

I went mystic tanning for the first time today. It was a hilarious experience due to my overtly awkward instincts. (I almost screamed and definitely jumped when the spray started up). However, tanning, especially in Vienna, always reminds me of my summers in high school. Then when I realized it had been about four years since I had spent a summer in Vienna, I felt old. Where am I going with this? 1. I miss Richmond. 2. 3 months in Vienna and I already have a crazy Northern Virginian impluse to tan, which I never had in Richmond. 3. I also bought the Yelle album Pop Up today, FINALLY in order to get me out of this icky Vienna slump. 4. It would be better if I could dance to it at 3/5 South Vine.

Without futher ado…

I hope they do another U.S. tour soon, because I obviously missed last years.



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