Resort 2010

I’ve been perusing the latest resort collections and have come up with my favorites so far.

Alexander Wang takes the top slot, of course, but not because he maintained his designs best suited for the usual heroin-chic, understated, bad-ass woman. And while that is usually all I want in a collection I was happy to see a lighter side of Wang. The looks are refreshingly American, almost to the point of Southern! Quite perfect for the girl who doesn’t want to look out of place in nice weather for wearing black. Wang’s options are limitless.





I also noticed a substantial change in Brian Reyes’ collection from Resort 2009. This year Reyes brings a great deal of edge to his designs as he mixes in themes inspired by a focus on nature. I must say that I prefer where the designer has headed. The colors are dramatic and a step away from the typical neutrals or bright shades that have been ingrained in the minds of consumers this past Spring.


Finally, I must make a few statements about the lovely Jason Wu’s collection this past week.  The looks had a perfect mix of shapes for the young and old. I saw plenty that would be Obama approved. However, nothing caught my eye like this little number. If only I could find a way to get it.


Photos: Style

6 thoughts on “Resort 2010

  1. Hey, these top there are a great round-up of America’s hot young talent. I would put Brian Reyes in the number one spot, but that is because I fall for the classic look more than the heroin chic aesthetic of Alexander Wang. And Jason Wu deserves all the attention that he received post-Michelle. The three will totally blow up in the next 2-3 seasons.


  2. While I love the bad-ass, anytime attitude Alexander Wang exudes, I agree with Areti that Brian Reyes should be #1 as well. His prints and themes mixed in to this collection are definitely in the right direction to what women want!


  3. I absolutely love both Alexander Wang and Brian Reyes’ resort collections. They differ greatly but both have so much to offer. They are very fashion forward, feminine, and chic.


  4. Oh, wow. The design of those outfits are brilliant, sick of all those neutral colors though. That Brian Reyes skirt is amazing.



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