Levi’s Lookbook Fall 2009 (Jailbirds)

I am not exactly sure why, but I am really feeling this Levi’s campaign. The photographs aren’t exactly edgy, just somewhat normal, uninspired looking. Perhaps that’s precisely why I like them. In this floundering economy, why see anything through rose-tinted glasses? Levi’s shows a sometimes very normal and predictable side to America. People go to jail. Jumpsuits while your in, and denim while your out. I’m not quite sure why Levi’s would try to glamorize the idea of jail and their product, because that probably would rarely bring about profit. But for right now, it looks good. Rebellious, I suppose.

None of these thoughts make sense. Neither does the Levi’s campaign. But I do not need to have a reason for what I find aesthetically pleasing. It’s all in my eyes.






photos: HighSnobiety



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