I am back…sort of…but so is Men’s Fashion Week!

I love menswear. I really, really do. I give a ridiculous amount of my discretionary time devoted to scouring the web in search of all things men. It’s really quite odd. And my closet is quickly becoming very old and stale. Yet my husband’s continues to grow and I am overjoyed and excited every time he gets a new piece. I am sure it is a phase…but I just love the tradition and the history behind fine tailoring. And, I did work in Men’s Sportswear at Nordstrom so I like to think I am slightly trained on the subject. Enthusiastic, at least!

So, to get to the point, I was super excited to check out the new collections this week. But, I am a little miffed. There doesn’t seem to be a clear focus in many of the lines. And, in my opinion, most of the looks appear to be haphazardly thrown together. It’s as if the designers couldn’t make up their minds on what to put on these boys and just decided to go with all of it.

In the midst of the mess, however, are similar color stories of rusts, oranges, mixed with greys and blues, and paisley, plaids and other patterns that are so, so wonderful. So at least we can be looking forward to a eye-catching palette come Fall.

A few of my favorites…


A brilliant mix of textures. Easy to wear. Laid back, but still stylish. And who doesn’t love a baby blue turtleneck Fisherman Sweater!?





What a wonderful use of this Fall’s “it” colors. Heavily saturated orange and purple definitely make a statement.





Bottega Veneta

I love the pop of green showing through that AMAZING jacket/zip-up/cardigan wonder. And I’m not afraid of those pant pockets either.




agnès b

Not exactly a fan of the short tie…make it a little longer and I’ll love this look.





I don’t know how Etro gets me every time. I just love looking through their Menswear collections. They know how to mix traditional masculine with today’s slimmer, modern look. The Etro man is definitely not afraid of color, or patterns for that matter.





Anywho, that is all for now. I will try to write…now that my life is back on track and a bit more stable.



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