G.H. Bass & Company

I have very fond memories of my mother taking me to the Bass shoe outlet during our vacations in Bethany Beach, Delaware every summer. I remember a particular pair of oxford-like flats she bought me one year, and they instantly were my favorite shoes. Comfortable and classic. I hadn’t thought about Bass shoes for a while now, I admit, but recently I came across a pair while looking for shoes online and was immediately brought back to my childhood. And now, all I want is to get some new Bass shoes and introduce my husband to their wonders. Luckily, the brand has evolved a bit. I used to associate Bass with “old people” (sorry, Mom!) but looking at their re-vamped website I was definitely drawn in and taken by the rough-around-the-edge-preppy-but-still-cool vibe.

So, without further ado, here are my top winners of the moment…for women and men. And the best part is, I actually despise shoe shopping, so Bass has completely won my shoe budget for Spring. Problem solved.



G.H. Bass & Company



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