The Fine Leather Goods of Bill Amberg

While hunting for a case for my lovely new iPad 2, I came across the incredible Bill Amberg. Immediately, I noticed the beautifully crafted pieces are completely out of my price range. However, that does not mean I cannot oogle and lust after the fine scent of leather. Top of the must have list?! Here we go…

1. iPad Case. Perfect for the first generation as well as numero dos! All for a cool £149.00!

2. I would love for my husband to have this wallet. It’s sleek, simple and sophisticated, but with a little edge. £75.00

3. A gift for me. Take the hint. The Hunter Rucksack. £335.00

4. Another gift for me! The Shuttle Bag. I cannot handle the Swarovski Crystal handle detail. It certainly beats my current “briefcase/tote bag” I carry to work. Definitely need an upgrade. The price…easy. From £795.00-£945

5. Happen to have a newborn? Why not put the little bugger in a BABY PAPOOSE!? For real everyone…if only I could have splurged for my little nephew. £350.00

Ah. Maybe one day. Leather for everyone.

I cannot even begin to go into the bespoke leather services that Bill Amberg offers for interior design. Talk about chic.

Check it out for yourself!

Photos: Bill Amberg


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