grayworks design

I would like to take a moment to discuss grayworksdesign. I stumbled across woodworker’s Etsy store when this lovely baguette cutting board stopped me in my tracks as I glanced through my Svpply feed today. I just about melted away. I love baguettes. I love design. I love fine carpentry and woodworking. When a number of my favorite things come together in such a simple way I feel an overwhelming sense of…well…umami. Which doesn’t quite make sense. But it is the only way I can think to describe it!

I quickly clicked through to the Etsy shop where I discovered a number of delightfully rustic pieces.

grayworksdesign was a featured seller on Etsy back in January. Read all about the husband and wife duo here!

Maybe it’s the change in seasons, or the fact that I finally work 40 hours a week, but all I want to do is cook and garden outside and use every single one of these pieces while I do it!

Photos: grayworksdesign


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