Bocci: Contemporary Design

In an effort to be somewhat productive on my work and school vacation this week, I’ve decided to take a stab at writing in the old blog again. Of course, we all know how this goes: I write one post, feel accomplished, then disappear for six months or so. Only time will tell if I can keep it up this time around.

For the past two years (and for 18 more months), I’ve lived in a one room loft with my husband. The space, a small apartment in a renovated stove factory, is roughly 650 square feet of concrete, steel, and bamboo. I haven’t gotten to much into decorating as I never really knew how long we would be here and being that we are renters, there just isn’t much we can do. So, I often find myself perusing various design, home furnishing, and DIY sites just for fun – but keeping a list of ideas for the future. One thing I am certain of is this – I will one day have a Bocci chandelier to call my own. Bocci, based in Vancouver, is a co-operative design house made up of designers, architects, craftspeople etc., etc. All these talents combined result in a wealth of fine crafts, beautiful furniture, and innovative lighting. Bocci aims to give its patrons unique, sustainable goods without sacrificing artistry through mass production and manufacturing.

My favorite series by Bocci is the ’28’ series. Each individual lighting pendant is made using glass blowing techniques. The Bocci website describes the process much better than I ever could: “air pressure is intermittently introduced into and then removed from a glass matrix (which is intermittently heated and then rapidly cooled). The result is a distorted spherical shape with a composed collection of inner shapes, one of which is made of opaque milk glass and houses a low voltage lamp. 28 series pendants are designed to cluster in hexagonal shapes, which nestle into one another to create patterns as dictated by the needs of the interior.”


I would also love, love, love to have something from the ’38’ series, which allow for the housing of earth, succulent and cacti plantings. The result is pretty breathtaking.


But really, any of the pendants from any series will do. (See the ’14’ series below…)


If I ever want to see Bocci chandeliers in person, though, it looks like I am going to have to make a trip to D.C. Luckily, both Apartment Zero and Illuminations, Inc. feature Bocci in their showrooms.


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