Homemade Hot Sauce Part II

I am so behind on posts! I’ve been traveling for the past few weekends, so there really has not been any time to cook. Luckily, this week I’ve made up for it and tried out a few new recipes. But, how long will it take me to write and post about said recipes? Only time will tell. But just know, recipes for roasted Gruyere sweet potatoes, honey roasted parsnips, and vegetarian black bean soup are in the queue. 

Today I give you the results of my homemade hot sauce experiment. I am pretty happy with how things have turned out. My batch basically tastes like a standard Louisiana style hot sauce. I’d like it to be a bit hotter – but then again, I am used to ghost chili hot sauce, so maybe that is not a good idea if I plan on sharing. The cider vinegar enhances the flavor nicely and the sauce really goes well with just about anything! My husband and I gave it a go with our regular Saturday morning breakfast a few weeks ago. Delicious!







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