Sandwich Series Part II: Applewood Smoked Ham, Swiss, and a Fried Egg on Italian

This week at the Whole Foods deli counter I discovered my new favorite ham of all time. I had a plan to buy the least expensive, boring, turkey I could find, but instead I wound up with Niman Ranch, applewood smoked, uncured, ham.  Really, I’m not sure what happened. I was blinded by the ham samples. In fact, I asked for a ½ pound, but was accidentally given a pound. Did I say anything to the deli employee? Nope. I just took the extra ham willingly and happily. I’m so sorry weekly grocery budget.  

Anywho, this ham is the jam (rhyming intended). I’ve had it on two sandwiches this week; first with the recipe featured in this post, and second with some homemade chimichurri that was super good. And tomorrow I’ll likely use it for eggs en cocotte. Really, the possibilities are endless – I haven’t even tried it with mustard yet!


Grocery List

For two sandwiches

4 slices of white Italian bread

As many slices of uncured ham as you would like

2-4 slices of Swiss cheese

2 sprinkles of grated Parmesan

2 sprinkles of sliced shallots and green onion

2 eggs – pan fried

2 handfuls of arugula or spinach






How To

Preheat the broiler. Place the bread slices on a broiling pan. On two of the slices, layer the Swiss and ham. Then top the ham with a bit of Parmesan. Too much Parmesan will make the sandwich too salty, so just a bit will suffice. Put the broiling pan in the oven and let it sit until the ham starts to brown and bit and the cheese is melted. While this is going on, fry up the eggs on the stove top. I like to leave the yolk runny; it makes for a deliciously messy sandwich. When ready, take the broiling pan out of the oven and finish assembling the sandwiches. Each gets topped with shallots, green onion, arugula (or spinach depending on what you prefer) and an egg. Slather on some mayo, sprinkle with some pepper, and take a bite out of heaven!


2 thoughts on “Sandwich Series Part II: Applewood Smoked Ham, Swiss, and a Fried Egg on Italian

  1. Julia!! This looks amazing! All of your posts are so good, and my eating is reaping the benefits! I cannot wait to try this one. xoxo momma

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