Hot and Tangy Lollipop Chicken Wings

This past Friday the husband and I went to NYC for the evening to celebrate potential job offers and to really just get out of Stamford for a bit. We decided to go on a spontaneous food tour and had everything from gazpacho to Manhattan clam chowder to oysters to soup dumplings to macarons. Needless to say, it was awesome.

And even though all of that was amazing and really somewhat gluttonous (hey, we were celebrating!) we couldn’t stop talking about the small plate of lollipop chicken wings we sampled from Niu Noodle in West Village. So yesterday we decided to do some research and try our hand at making them ourselves.

Now, really, I was the lucky one and only had to make the marinade and put the pans full of chicken wings in and out of the oven. Aaron slaved away preparing the “lollipops” and after watching him do it, I decided that I will never do it myself. It’s a dirty, time consuming job. But these little wings turned out so great and they were definitely worth all of his hard work.

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I’m not going to list out the details on how to make the lollipops, but click here for the video we used to learn how to do it. We also used a recipe from The Yummy Truth as a guide for our own. The end result was delicious. The lollipops were tangy, spicy, and tender. And for those of you out there who really hate to eat wings because of how messy they are, the lollipops are the way to go!

Grocery List

Makes 24 chicken wings

  1. 24 chicken wings
  2. 8 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  3. 4 tbsp thyme leaves
  4. juice from 4 limes
  5. 2-3 scotch bonnet chillies, finely chopped, membranes and seeds removed
  6. 1/2 teaspoon salt
  7. 1/2 teaspoon black pepper

How To

Once your lollipops are prepared….

Combine the remaining ingredients in a bowl and give it a good stir.

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Dunk each lollipop in the marinade and then place each lollipop in the same plastic gallon bag. Pour the rest of the marinade in the bag when all of the chicken has been pre-coated. Remove as much air as possible before sealing the bag shut. Place the bag in the refrigerator for two hours.

Then, preheat the oven to 375°F. Carefully place the lollipops on baking sheets making sure they are standing upright.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Roast the chicken for 25 minutes or until they are golden brown and cooked through. We decided to pair our wings with a simple summertime orzo salad and black cherry sparkling water. It was a surprisingly light and refreshing meal and a great way to end the weekend.



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